Andrew Newland

front-end developer / designer [email protected] | 214.801.1361

Work Experience

Full Stack Developer Marca Global, LLC

Oct 2019 - Present · Denver, CO

Work as the company's Full Stack Developer to help fulfill client website needs. Maintain the domain purchasing and server administration for clients on wordpress along with development needed for new products needed for internal projects. Develop sites in both PHP (Wordpress and non-Wordpress) and React for internal projects.

Worked with the Liberty Tax client to do all website development for their sites built in .Net and hosted to their servers. Approx 8 different sites.

Contractor, Front-End Developer Dish Network

Jul 2018 - Oct 2019 · Denver, CO

Worked with the web team on any client-facing websites ( and more) delivering front-end code based on mockups delivered by designers within the team. Recently developed data-driven templates to use JSON for delivering content to browsers for DISH Careers and DISH Media Sales sites.

Developed a Vanilla JS Carousel for the DISH team to use to help with the removal of jQuery from all DISH sites.

Have been working with the webteam and guiding them to being the standard of all the DISH websites up to today's standards of coding.

Lead Developer, Digital Operations Sandusky Newspaper Group

Dec 2017 - Jul 2018 · Denver, CO / Sandusky, OH

Worked with the Digital Operations team to develop new websites for the owned newspaper groups, based on Wordpress.

Manager, Digital Media Nexstar Media Group, Inc

Jan 2015 - Nov 2017 · Dallas, TX

Worked with the Digital Media Team to support the 100+ TV stations web teams that were owned and operated by Nexstar. Also helped to take the front-end design of the sites to the next level as we continued to grow the current designs of all the sites. Working within the CMS, I would use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to enhance the user experience as they visited the sites.

I was a pivotal member of the migration team as new TV stations were purchased and migrated to the Lakana (Nexstar owned) CMS.

Manager of Online Multimedia ComCorp of America

Sep 2008 - Dec 2014 · Tyler, TX

Managed the design and development of all online multimedia for Communication Corporation of America's (CCA) 10+ markets in the Southern US. Including websites, mobile apps and mobile sites, and ad trafficking for said applications.

Managed the partnership with many digital vendors including StepLeader, mobile app provider. I worked closely with the team at StepLeader as the product developed in the early years of mobile as an outside source and broadcast media advisor.

With a team of 4 we built a completely load-balanced system for the 25 tv station websites. We were able to take advantage of the Drupal CMS and added our own flair allowing it to work for our larger and smaller tv stations allowing them all to work together with content sharing and integration into their mobile apps while continuing to grow.

I also helped to manage the social media strategy used by the CCA TV stations and was part of the team that helped to push the growth of their social engagement to the level expected by broadcast media today.

Was integral in the growth of tv station website traffic from an estimated 8 million (2010) yearly hits across all 25 sites to receiving more 100 million in 2014 prior to the Nexstar purchase of the company.

Designer & Developer UPShift Digital

Mar 2009 - Oct 2010 · Dallas, TX

Worked with clients to develop strategic plans for reaching users from small based websites to cloud based video training sites. Developed full platforms from design to development for many projects including the platform for MasteryMavens video commenting system for training and coaching.

Managed the transition for the design/development from just 1 person to a team to help manage the growing company from only a couple clients to hundreds of clients.

Senior Developer of New Product Development BELO Interactive

Jan 2006 - Sep 2008 · Dallas, TX

Worked with the ad design team to create flash and static advertising sold by the Account Executives for clients of the 20+ BELO TV station websites. Developed HTML/CSS/JavaScript micro-site advertisements for clients needing to attract larger audiences with products that did not fit into the mainstream world of flash advertising.

In my position as Senior Designer, I created mockups, coded front-end products and worked with the Project Managers and their respected teams to create new products that allowed BELO Interactive to continue to provide top quality advertising to the clients of the Belo Network.

Worked with the team behind the website that was a pre-cursor behind high school sports social networking across the country. I was instrumental in developing the front-end code for the site that was designed and passed that front-end code off to the development team for the third-party company that developed the website.

Served as the Front-End Developer for the UGC/Social Media integration of the Pluck platform into the BELO core sites, including, and

Support Technician TNT Solutions

Apr 2005 - Jan 2006 · Frisco, TX

Worked as a Support Tech for over 300+ dental websites for clients as changes needed. Occasionally assisted in front-end development when needed for new clients and worked with the production team to develop out the HTML/CSS needed for new clients.

Researched, developed, and implemented SEO strategies for sites so that they can be found in the top 10% on search engines for keywords.


Technical Skill

HTML / HTML5 [ 18 years exp.]

CSS [ 17 years exp.]

LESS / SCSS [ 9 years exp.]

Responsive Design [ 9 years exp.]

PHP [ 15 years exp.]

MySQL [ 14 years exp.]

Javascript [ 16 years exp.]

jQuery [ 13 years exp.]

AWS Web Services [ 8 years exp.]

Git / Subversion [ 10 years exp.]

Adobe Photoshop [ 19 years exp.]

Adobe Illustrator [ 17 years exp.]

Adobe Premier [ 10 years exp.]

Adobe After Effets [ 10 years exp.]

MS Office Suite [ 23 years exp.]

React [ 1 year exp.]

Wordpress [ 13 years exp.]

Google Analytics [ 10 years exp.]

Google TagManager [ 6 years exp.]

Server Administration [ 6 years exp.]